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We've been marketing online since 1992. Things have changed very rapidly over the years – sometimes depressingly so! In fact, the one downside to making money online is that things change very quickly – too quickly, as you'll soon learn. In order to keep up on changes, you either have to have a lot of time and patience on your hands for research, or you need a good “go-to” guy for information.

As it happens, Click4 Web Services loves to help people. Your success is our success. To that end, we'll do all we can to help ensure your product or service gets its best chance in this very busy marketing world.

All that said, you might find that the internet marketing business is dying. If you think this, you'd be right. You have only to look at your email inbox every morning to see why and how. Once upon a time you could buy and test a product… and if you found that product useful, you could request to promote it. No big deal, right? Except for today, it appears that India has reduced to market to rubble. They have lowered the marketing standards to matcher own low ethics and morals. Why you buy one of their $37 products, you'll quickly learn that before you get to find out how bad that product is, you'll have to navigate through 15 or more upsells. For your $37 investment, you get a platform or program that is pretty much useless. From the moment you log into the new dashboard, you'll be hammered with “Upgrade Now” buttons! You'll find that you can't really do anything with the app unless you spend $397 on their upgrade.

And if you suffer the illusion that you can contact their support… LOL… forget it. They will ignore you. When I find these people today, I just go straight to PayPal and lodge a dispute. It will take 20 days, but PayPal rarely ever sides with the vendor, because as I pointed out… they have no support. They never respond.

I think this business is over. We all had a lot of fun for 25 years, but it's now just a sewer. The only way to really make money at this point is to know how to do Youtube and Facebook ads, and to have a product that you can market almost exclusively.

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